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$39.12 each

2N, 501 SERIES, 600 SERIES, 700 SERIES, 800 SERIES, 8N, 900 SERIES, 9N, NAA

Detailed Description:

CARBURETOR FLOAT (MARVEL SCHEBLER) MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CARBURETOR MANUFACTURER NUMBER IS IN THE LIST THIS FITS!!!!! FOR SMALL BOWL MARVEL SCHEBLER CARBS Ford Applications: 9N, 8N, 2N, NAA, 501, 600, 700, EARLY 800 (4 CYL), EARLY 900 (4 CYL) 134 C.I. ENGINE (1953-64) Carb Manufacturer #: TSX13, TSX28, TSX29, TSX30, TSX33, TSX34, TSX35, TSX36, TSX37, TSX38, TSX39, TSX42, TSX43, TSX44, TSX45, TSX48, TSX49, TSX54, TSX55, TSX58, TSX59, TSX60, TSX69, TSX74, TSX76, TSX79, TSX80, TSX83, TSX85, TSX88, TSX89, TSX90, TSX91, TSX94, TSX95, TSX95A, TS