Shut Off Battery Isolator- Kill Switch (it's A Key As Well)

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1200, 1600 SERIES, 1710 DIESEL 3 CYLINDER, 1801, 1811 SERIES, 1821, 1841, 1910, 2000, 2000 SERIES, 2000-3000, 2030, 2031, 2100, 2110, 2N, 8N, 9N, JUBILEE, NAA

Detailed Description:

Red handle is a removable key so you can use it like a key. If you have a slow electrical leak in your Scout, you can keep the battery fresh with this kill switch. Hide one of these in your rig's starting circuit to prevent theft form hotwiring of vehicle. Master Battery Isolator Switch 2 Position On-Off Detachable Key Capacity of 500 Amps 12v